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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q: What is TheWhatsAppMenu?
Answer: TheWhatsAppMenu is an online menu creation platform, it's not a food delivery platform. Our software helps you create an online version of your paper /pdf menu, so your customers can order with a few clicks

main features:

> detailed analytics reports
> QR code for your menu
> an easy-to-use menu builder
> enable you to accept orders on WhatsApp
> help & support when you need it
Q: How does TheWhatsAppMenu work?
Answer: TheWhatsAppMenu helps you to streamline your online ordering. All your online orders are pushed directly to your mobile phone via WhatsApp. TheWhatsAppMenu software will also enable you to view sales, order numbers, and easily change all your online menus items.

And give you direct communication with your customers to make sure you get orders right. Here's a demo for you to try. 

Q: Can TheWhatsAppMenu help my business?
Answer: Yes it can! If you have:

> a restaurant
> a bar or grill
> a pop-up kitchen
> a home food business (bakes, cakes, juices, suya's, seafood, vegan)
TheWhatsAppMenu works together with a wide range of businesses to help them manage their menus & online orders. Once onboard, you’ll be able to reach your customers & meet modern customer needs, especially during these times.

Q: How much does it cost?
Answer: It is completely free to try - you can create up to 10 menu items and start receiving orders! You won't need a credit card to signup. Simply upgrade your plan if you have more menu items.

Q: What happens when I sign up with TheWhatsAppMenu?
Answer: You get access to our very easy and simple dashboard, where you can manage your business features, such as working hours, address, contact details, payment options, delivery/pickup details and more.

Q: Can TheWhatsAppMenu help my business?
Answer: In the era of Covid19, there's a need for a modern and safe solution when it comes to menus. TheWhatsAppMenu helps you give a contactless menu that customers can order from with a few clicks.

Q: Does TheWhatsAppMenu work with my delivery platform?
Answer: TheWhatsAppMenu is not a delivery platform. If you're currently signed up to a delivery platform, you can still use our software to accept orders. It's very beneficial to those who mainly have customers picking up orders.


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